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Wedding Cake Price Comparison Discussion


When is a wedding cake for 100 priced at $5.00/serving from Sweet Tweets comparable in value to a wedding cake priced at $4.00/serving at another bakery? (If this starts going over your head, pass this on to whoever is managing the wedding cake budget).


The Wilton standard wedding cake serving is 8 cubic inches (4" tall by 2" wide by 1" deep).  Because we do so many event cakes, Sweet Tweets gives you more cake by calculating our servings based on 9 cubic inches to better bridge between wedding cake servings and party cake servings and to simplify to one pricing schedule for all cakes.  We then calculated the total volume of each size round cake and divided by 9 and rounded down.


Based on standard servings, a typical cake shop would charge you $400 for 800 cubic inches of cake which provides 100 standard servings.  Sweet Tweets would charge you $500 for 900 cubic inches of cake to equal how WE calculate our cake servings.  However, if your server cuts 900 cubic inches of cake in servings of 8 cubic inches (they are likely to cut every cake the same way regardless of how it was priced), it would yield 112.5 servings.  In addition, at Sweet Tweets, you get a free 6" anniversary cake yielding an additional 12 servings.  So, apples to apples, you can get either 100 standard servings for $400 ($4.00/standard serving) or 124.5 standard servings for $500 ($4.02/standard serving--yes 24.5% more cake for 25% more in price).


If you want to compare two cakes and feel like you are saving money, make sure that you have all the information required to do the calculation, and know how much you really are saving.