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Our offerings:

We have an active cupcake shop and sell an assortment of classic, signature and premium cupcakes during our hours of operation.  You can see what cupcakes are available on our 'Today's Offerings's' page.

As we are a custom cake shop, we do NOT have pre-made cakes for sale, each cake is made specifically for each order that is placed.  We suggest that orders be placed at least two weeks in advance of your event as we work on a first-come, first-served basis and when we reach our limit, we stop taking new orders for a particular day or weekend.

Cakes - Our normal cake tiers are generally 4 1/2 inches tall and consist of four layers of cake seperated by three layers of filling covered in traditional buttercream.  Also, our serving calculations are give your guests 12% more cake than the standard wedding cake serving chart as our cake serving calculations are based on 9 cubic inches of cake vs 8 cubic inches of cake which is the standard for wedding cakes.

Cupcakes - Our normal cupcakes are very large relative to most cupcakes.  We fill our cupcakes as well as cover them.  This provides a more balanced taste of cake, filling and icing.  We also provide a mini-cupcake which is more of a 'two-bite' cupcake.

Wedding Cakes -  

When you first contact us, we need to know the following:

Your name, best phone number and best days and times to reach you, date of event, number of guests, type of event, budget, allergies, name of venue, indoors/outdoors, email address, coordinator name, coordinator phone number.

You can send design ideas and pictures to our email ( ​