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About Us:

Leticia and Scott Stovern are the proud owners of Sweet Tweets Cakery.  They both work diligently to provide their customers with consistently beautiful and delectable gourmet cakes.


Leticia Stovern is recognized as an experienced, talented, and creative cake designer and decorator. She began decorating approximately 14 years ago as a hobby, it is now her second career...her passion. She does work full-time as a Physician's Assistant.


Scott Stovern is an accomplished baker who consistently strives to improve the quality of his product. During his college years, Scott worked at Dominos Pizza in Ann Arbor, Michigan. After completing college, he went on and ran several companies including his own company.

Scott began playing recreational hockey shortly before meeting his wife. She truly enjoyed watching him compete, he in return began helping her bake. They both realized that it would be a wonderful venture to start up their own business...and here it is...Sweet Tweets Cakery! 


Sweet Tweets Cakery opened on August 6, 2011.